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The Big Church Switch calls on churches of all denominations, faith and belief groups to switch to using energy suppliers that only put electricity into the national grid from 100% green sources (such as solar, wind or waterflow) instead of supplying power generated from fossil fuels.

Watch the short film below to find out more.

The Big Church Switch electricity criteria:

  • 100% renewable sources
  • 100% UK generated

The Big Church Switch electricity criteria:

  • 100% green sources
  • 100% UK-generated

By using green energy suppliers, you put faith into action and demonstrate commitment to tackling climate change, loving our neighbour and caring for God's creation. Why switch?

How can the Big Church Switch help?

Once you register on Church Buying we will contact you about energy suppliers who meet the Big Church Switch electricity criteria. 
We no longer operate a tariff switching service. But we can approach suitable energy suppliers on your behalf, if you register on Church Buying  Church Buying

Please be aware that only electricity tariffs are linked to 100% UK-generated energy from 100% green sources. Gas tariffs may contain some 'green gas', but this is at the discretion of each individual energy supplier.

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